Share Your Stuff

I would be happy to post something on this site if it is appropriate for the Historical or Genealogical significance of Union County. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Please scan photographs at no less than 300 DPI and save them as JPG files. This gives me the best resolution so that I can edit them as necessary to maximize the material for the website. If you do not have a scanner, I will be happy to scan them and return them to you. Send me an email for mailing instructions.
  2. Please send any documentation as Word documents or text files. You are also welcome to send material for me to scan. Send me an email for mailing instructions.
  3. Register here to be properly credited for your contribution. (Rather than display your email address on the website, we link it to a web page that is not indexed by spamming robots.)

If you are unsure about what you'd like to submit, let me know and I'll help you get it figured out.

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