Dr. R.H.C. Rhea

Mary L. Smith
November 18, 1940
Dr. R.H.C. Rhea of Scotch descent was born in Hopkins County. He married Mary P. Vaughn in 1850 and had three distinguished sons, Doctors, Henry, Frank and Herman Jr.
Dr. Frank Rhea was a poet of some renown. His poem "The Dream of Mose Caton" is a masterpiece of imagery. He finally located at Cullen. In 1879 he and Dr. Herman Jr. entered medical school at Vanderbuilt University and graduated in 1882. Dr. Herman Jr. returned to Waverly, his childhood home to practice. At that early date he performed an exceedingly difficult but successful operation an ovariotomy, for which he received very flattering recognition from the McDowell Medical Association.
Dr. Rhea now 1940 living in Chicago spends most of his summers in Morganfield and always pays a visit this old home town Waverly, although there is not much left of his early association with the town. His wife Cattie Brooks and son Robert, a military cadet of renown have passed away.
*Dr. Henry Frank Rhea's widow Hattie Pearl Rhea (now Mrs. O.T. Haywood) says there was never a volume of poetry by Dr. Rhea published. There are other poems of Dr. Rhea's other than "The Dream of Moses Caton" in the History of Union County, but there is a list of them that follows.
The Sea Shell
The Mystic manor
A Sigh in the Night
In Memoriam
The Dream of Moses Caton
Mac Leod of Dare
The Lone Mere
The Storm Waif
Mon Enfant
Semper Idem
The Star and the Tear
Sonnets are--
Fadet Rose
The scythe and Glass
The Genesis
The Broken Reed
Realm of Mist