Dr. H.E. Cottingham, Dentist

Reporter Katherine F. Berry
November 6, 1940
Dr. H.E. Cottingham, son of G.H. and Malinda Ann (Sigler) Cottingham, was born January 7, 1869 at Herman Valley, east of Morganfield about nine miles.
The first school he attended was at McClures school, he attended this school for two years then moved to Corydon in Henderson County and attended the graded and high school there. Robards, in Henderson County there had a "college" so Dr. Cottingham attended there for awhile.
He graduated from the College of Dentistry in Louisville in 1891. Took a post-graduate course in a medical college in Chicago in 1900. In 1910 he took a special course in Peritonitis at Memphis, Tennessee and started successful treatment of pyorrhea.
Dr. Cottingham started practice in 1891 in Morganfield and has been located here since then.
He married Miss Anna Puryear, September 8th, 1891. She died May 8th, 1929. He has two daughters living.
He is a member of the Methodist church.
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Dr. H.E. Cottingham
Morganfield, Ky