J.W. Conway, M.D.

Reported by Katherine F. Berry
Morganfield, Ky.
October 23, 1940

John William Conway was born in Union County, near Spring grove five miles south of Morganfield, on October 16, 1872. He is the son of John Williams and Barbara Ann (Davenport) Conway. He attended elementary schools at Spring Grove and the private academy, collegiate Institute, in Morganfield. He there spent two years at Bethel College, Russelville, Kentucky.

Dr. Conway graduated from the Medical College at the University of Louisville in 1898. He took a post graduate course at the Polly Clinic in Chicago, Illinois in 1917.

He began the practice of medicine July 13, 1898 at Henshaw, Kentucky, was there six months, then moved to Spring Grove in January 1899, practiced there until August 1906. From there he moved to Morganfield to take up the practice of the late Dr. William Richards who had been practicing in Morganfield for many years. The following year Dr. Conway formed a partnership with Dr. R.H.C. Rhea, working with him for one year, when Dr. Henry Allen bought Dr. R.H.C. Rhea's part, then Conway and Allen worked together for ten years, dissolving partnership in 1920. Since then Dr. Conway has continued to practice alone.

In the past forty two years Doctor Conway has noted many changes in both the medical and surgical treatments. Several diseases that were common and destructive to human life have been almost eliminated, along with the horse and buggy days and the muddy roads.

Although the work has been hard Doctor Conway has enjoyed it. He says that along with his patients he has felt every emotion of sorrow and joy that comes with birth, death and living.

Doctor Conway has been married twice and while not having any children of his own he has helped in rearing several.