Holeman/Haleman Marriages of Union Co., Ky

Mamie Tate's collection of Union Co., KY Holeman/Haleman(Hailman) marriages. Handwriting is hard to decipher
o from a. A legal document in Union Co., indicates the children of Phillip J. Hailman and Nancy Johnson.
I am including them to help straighten the different ones out.

Holeman name Spouse Date Notes/Signed by..
Phillip I/J Haleman/Hailman Nancy Johnson 8 Feb.1816 signed by Joseph R. Delaney
Polly Holeman William Patton 23 Dec.1824 orphan of Joseph Holeman
John Holeman Mary James 12 Feb.1827 daughter of Gideon James,
signed by John, Absolum,
Phillip & Squire Holeman
William F. Holeman Mary Sigler 12 Jan.1829 daughter of George Sigler
son of Jacob Holeman,
signed by Squire Holeman & George Sigler
Elizabeth Holeman Malaka Holmes 22 Dec. 1831 daughter of James Holeman
Sarah Holeman Alfred Caldwell 1 April 1835 daughter of James Holeman
Mary Holeman James Morehead 19 Dec.1836 daughter of Absolum Holeman deceased
Polly Jane Haleman/Hailman Isaac N. Sigler 21 Aug. 1837 daughter of Phillip I./J. Haleman,
son of Jacob Sigler
Ann Elizabeth Haleman Absolum Pope Mitchell 2 Feb.1839 signed by Phillip I./J. Haleman
Christina Holeman Thomas J. Shelton 27 Feb 1840 daughter of Jacob Holeman
Josephine Haleman George W. Dyer 26 Aug 1840 daughter of Phillip I./J. Haleman
James Holeman Susan Hall 12 Feb 1840 son of James Holeman
signed by a Delaney & a Hazel
Squire Holeman Lauretta B. Harmon 4 Oct 1840 signed by Jacob Sigler
Elizabeth Holeman Henry J. Mason Nov.1842 ward of A. Calvert,
William F. Holeman as surety,
John Holeman as witness
Mary Ann Holeman Phillip D. Mason 21 Jan 1842 daughter of Jacob Holeman
John Holeman as witness
Elizabeth Holeman John S. Shelton 22 May 1843 daughter of Jacob Holeman
Arminda Haleman Samuel E. Mitchell 10 March 1845 daughter of Phillip & Nancy Haleman
Sarah R. Haleman Pleasant R. Below 12 Aug 1847 daughter of Phillip I./J. Haleman deceased,
and his surviving partner Nancy Haleman
Melinda Holeman William R. Gill 24 July 1847 daughter of James Holeman deceased
Hannah Holeman Alfred Hart 13 May 1847 widow of Phillip Holeman
Margaret Holeman John Stallions 12 Oct 1848 daughter of William F. Holeman
Thomas Holeman Dorothy Ann Taylor 22 June 1848
Lydia Holeman William L. Shelton 23 Oct 1849 daughter of Hannah Hart,
late Hannah Holeman,
signed by Isaac W., & Alfred Sigler
Samuel Holeman Melvina Cowan 21 Nov 1850
Levinia Frances Haleman Elias S. Lynn 20 June 1851 daughter of Nancy Haleman
Elizabeth A. G. Holeman James McClendon 20 Jan 1851 daughter of William F. Holeman
David Holeman Susan Berry 2 Sep.1852  
Elizabeth J. Holeman
age 19
Jacob H. Sigler
age 23
13 Aug 1853  
Mary J. Holeman
age 19
Nathan B. Duncan
age 21
13 Feb 1853 daughter of William F. Holeman
Nancy Malvina Holeman William Newman 1857 signed by Isaac M. Holeman
Mary H. Holeman James Eddins 1859 signed by James Kuykendall
Samuel Holeman
age 23
Rachel Marrs
age 19
1861 signed by Mulky Marrs
Nancy Jane Holeman Thomas Chandler 1863 she age 21 gave own consent
signed William Dunn
Thomas Holeman
age 27
Julia Ann Amberson
age 19
John R. Holeman Vianna Farthing 1870  
Catherine Holeman M.Z. Farthing 1870  
Hulda J. Holeman J.R. Dance 1872  
Emaline Holeman Virgil Rettinger 1872  
Squire Holeman Mozella Scott 1876  
Lemuel Harmon Holeman Georgia Melinda Myers 1876  
S. B. Holeman Mattie Story 1877  
James T. Holeman Theodosia Richey 1877  
Nancy Rebecca Holeman Newton Arnold 1878  
Allie B. Holeman Robert S. Mahan 1879  
Samuel Holeman Jr. Mittie Jefferies 1880  
Hardy Freeman Holeman Martha Elizabeth Webb 1880  
M.G. Holeman Mahala Scott 1882  
Mrs. Theodosia Ernestine Holeman Samuel W. Cowan 1883  
Sally Ann Holeman John Wesley Martin 1884  
Louella Holeman Jacob McClendon 1887  
Squire Jefferson Holeman Sophia Anna Bennett 1888  
Mary Elizabeth Holeman John Thomas Whitledge 1890  
Lizzie Holeman General George W. Holt 1897