By Wm H Newman; M J Clements; G W Cambron, 1886

This organization was effected on October 10th, 1865, the principal membership coming from Mt. Ephraim, one of the old preaching points of the county. Rev. G. W. Bone, one of the pioneers in Kentucky religion, organized the church, and was its pastor until January 24, 1868. He was always much loved by his people, and remained single all his life, devoting his entire though and energy to his Mater's cause; and has now reached a very advance age.

Joseph Sprague, one of the original members from Mt. Ephraim, was a ruling elder at the time of organization. A. J. M. Thompson, W. W. Pierson, James Wm. Dyer, and Wm. Wilson were also ordained at the organization, making a board of ruling elders (five). James M. Lamb was ordained October 5, 1873, and J. Wilson Lamb was ordained July 5, 1877.

W. W. Pierson was the clerk until November 22, 1865, when he was succeeded by A. J. M. Thompson, who served until December 19, 1879, when Wilson Lamb was elected, and has served ever since as clerk and treasurer.

Rev. J. R. Collinsworth followed Rev. G. W. Bone, being employed by the congregation Januray[sic] 24, 1868, for one year. He was a very talented man, and ranked high as a debater, being now considered one of the lights of the church for intellectual power.

Rev. R. D. Smith, now of Henderson, was employed in the spring of 1869. Rev. W. W. Brown took charge in November, 1873, and remained until November 18, 1874. Rev. T. F. Bates, of Tennessee, began preaching for the congregation on January 1, 1875, and remained until January 1, 1877, when the lamented and loved McLeskey took his place, and remained until his death. Rev. J. T. Barbee, the present pastor, took charge May 1, 1885.

The church building is a neat frame built in 1866. The communications now number sixty-eight, and the Sunday School is one of the largest in the county, having an enrollment of one hundred, and an average attendance of seventy-five. J. Wilson Lamb has been the Superintendent since January 1, 1883.

As an evangelizing factor the Caseyville Cumberland Presbyterian Church must be counted of the first importance.