By Wm H Newman; M J Clements; G W Cambron, 1886

Nelson Hamilton Aton, one of the best mechanics in Union County, is the son of John and Susana (Thomas) Aton. John, a blacksmith, was born in Adair County, Kentucky, October 20, 1800. In 1822 he moved to Washington County, Indiana, and the same year married, In 1843 he settled in Union, and in 1860 died in East St. Louis, Illinois. Subject's grandfather, John Aton, came from Germany when but three years old. Susana Aton, our subject's mother, was born in North Carolina in 1803, came to Union about 1820, and died in North Carolina about 1856.

Out subject was born in Washington County, Indiana, two and a half miles from Salem, December 7, 1825. Under his father he learned his trade, and is considered one of the best blacksmiths and machinists in the county. He has invented all kinds of farm implements in his life, many of which are being used in the county now. His "new-ground" and "hill-side" plows are being used everywhere. Mr. Aton also owns and manages a farm of 102 acres, half of which is now in cultivation. His shop, 40x42 feet, was built in 1847. Very frequently he had as many as three hands assisting him. The dwelling now occupied by him was built in 1859. It is a nice two-story frame well arranged, with eight rooms. All of subject's ancestors were strict Catholics. He is and has always been a Democrat. Mr. Aton received his education in Indiana schools. The old gentleman is a fine talker, and has a splendid memory, which has aided us greatly in the line of casualties, etc.

On January 26, 1847, Mr. Aton  married Elizabeth Ann Cissell. She is the daughter of Charles and Catherine (McPherson) Cissell. Her father was born in Indiana in 1790, settled in Union in 1820, and died here in 1863. Her mother was born in Maryland in 1787, and died in Union County in 1856. Our subject has the following children: William Franklin, a blacksmith, living in Morganfield Precinct, married Emma C Alvey and has two children. Jefferson Douglas, a blacksmith in Corydon, Ky., married Mary Diskin; they have three children. Susana, married John W. Stuart, a farmer in the county, and has one child. Thomas Pascal, a painter, now living in Arkansas, married Maria Janette Berry and has two children. Mary Ada married Austin Frame, a farmer living in the county. Subject's single children are Samuel Henry, Edward Walter, Eugene, Charles, and Martin Travis.

Mr. Aton is a man greatly respected in his community, and, though the father of eleven children, has succeeded in raising them up to be honorable men and women.