By Wm H Newman; M J Clements; G W Cambron, 1886

C. S. Campbell, farmer, living five and a half miles from Morganfield, is the son of Robert Trotter and Eliza (Postlewaite) Campbell; his father was born in Virginia in 1790.  his mother in Pittsburg in 1800; they married in Lexington in 1820. His father had already participated in the War of 1812, and in 1846 they removed to Union County, Kentucky, where Robert Campbell died in February, 1867, and Elisha Campbell died in December, 1874. Our subject's paternal grandfather, Andrew Campbell, was from Virginia; he married a Miss McConnell and left her a widow, after which she removed to McConnell's Station, near Lexington, and it was there that Robert was reared; our subject's maternal grandfather, Joseph Pastelwaite, married Mary Wilkins; they were both of Pennsylvania birth. Our subject was born in Woodford County, Kentucky, October 31, 1828; he received some eight years' training in the schools of Oldham County, where his father removed in 1835; in 1846 he came to Union County with his father; in May, 1862, he married Mary Frances Jones, who was born in Scott County on April 29, 1846; she is the daughter of William and Melita (Threlkeld) Jones; her father was born in Scott County in 1824, and her mother in 1826; they were married in their native county in 1845 and came to Union in 1858. William Jones is the son of Joseph and Frances (Thomason) Jones; Melita Threlkeld is the daughter of Moses Threlkeld who married a Miss Cragg who died when Melita was quite young. Mrs. Frances Jones died when William was a small boy, but Joseph Jones died in Scott County in 1877. Mr. Campbell has eight children, two of whom, Sallie a babe of fifteen months, and Ollie a very promising girl of nineteen years, are dead; the survivors are William, Jones, Eliza, Melita, Clara, Ella, Fannie, Belle and Walter Scott. Mr. Campbell has a good farm of three hundred acres, two hundred and ten of which are cultivated. His house of logs is a very picturesque and pleasant residence, made doubly pleasant within by the kindly domestic spirit and Kentucky hospitality of the family. He is a Democrat and has been a member of the Baptist Church for twenty years; in this communion he has held the office of deacon and treasurer for some time.