Sacred Heart Baptisms 1818-1877 

This transcription was compiled by Chuck Blanford and donated to the Union County GenWeb site March 6th, 2008. Chuck, we appreciate your kind donation and the time you took to put it all together.


This is all of the different priests that were at Sacred Heart 

 Reverend Hendricks,  Robert A. Abell,  Mr. C. Coomes,  Elisha John Durbin, Reverend Fort,  S. Ward  W. P. Bourke,  W. J. Dunn,  J. Halpin,  Charles Eggerment,   James Martin,   Alfred Hagan,  Daniel Kelly,  James Quinn,  W. Fennelly,   E. O. Callaghan,   W. L. Coomes,   M. Bonchet,  John F. Reed, John Boyle,  John A. Creary,  Hugh Daly,  T. J. Jenkins,  James J. Crowley,  Theoph Kellenaers.

 J. E. J  is Dr. James E. Johnson the original transcriber of these pages.

 Elisha John Durbin served the Catholics of  western Ky. From 1824 to 1873.

His first was a missions log chapel built by the Sister of Charity of Nazareth.  He built the first Church in Union Co. Father Durbin died in Shelbyville in 1887 at the age of 87.  He was serving as the Chaplain of a convent of Franciscan nuns at the time of his death.  He is buried at the St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, Ky.

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